Swish EVA Anti-Shock Grip.

Padel is a sport that requires a lot of grip and control and having the right over-grip can make a big difference in your performance. 

The Swish Padel over-grip has been ENGINEERED with several features that make it stand out from other over-grips on the market. 

  • The perfect thickness to reduce the impact of vibrations from the racket, which is Extremely important for players who suffer from tennis elbow or other wrist and arm injuries.
  • The EVA foam layer. EVA foam is a type of foam that is commonly used in sports equipment due to its high level of shock absorption and flexibility. By including an EVA foam layer in the over-grip, Swish Padel is able to increase the stability of the grip. This stability helps to prevent the racket from slipping in your hand during play, which can give an advantage in fast-paced rallies and when making quick changes in direction. 
  • The surface texture. The over-grip has a perforated surface, which helps to reduce moisture and increases the grip. When you sweat during play, the moisture can make the grip slippery and difficult to hold. However, the perforated surface of the Swish Padel over-grip help to absorb the moisture and prevent it from accumulating on the surface of the grip. This helps to increase your grip and provide you more control over the racket.